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Twin Security was originally founded in the early 1980s by Byron and Curtis Bradbury, twin brothers from northen New Jersey. With an eye for detail, Twin Security began installing burglar and fire alarms in both residential and commercial applications.

In 1994, Ryan Bradbury (Byron Bradbury's son) took sole control of Twin Security and formed Twin Security Inc. A technician at heart, Ryan Bradbury continued to provide security and fire alarm systems with one goal-to offer cutting edge systems while "keeping it simple" for the end users. At Twin Security Inc., he set out to do what he does best, design and install security and fire alarm systems for commercial establishments. He focused on the commercial market and quickly proved that Twin Security Inc. could provide high security systems while targeting his customers' needs.

Founded in 1994, Twin Security Inc. has over a decade and a half of experience in quality design, installation, and maintenance of integrated security systems. Our success is based upon our commitment to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our goal is to deliver a top quality security system on time, and most importantly, within our clients budget.


Every client faces unique situations that need unique protection. Our goal is to provide a truly comprehensive solution using the benefits of the latest technology. 

Products & Services

Burglar Alarm Systems


Your business should be protected by the latest security technology available, not only to protect your belongings, but also to avoid theft of items such as computers, which contain highly sensitive data.

Twin Security Inc. can design a burglar alarm system to fit your specific needs.  This includes the use of the most modern motion detectors, shock sensors, door contacts and glass break sensors.  In addition, we provide wireless communication systems in case phone lines are cut or out of order. The moment an intrusion occurs, our 24-hour monitoring service is making contact with you and local authorities. With our advanced monitoring systems, we can even tell you the temperature of your computer room or building. 

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire protection systems used to be an option to protect your business. In most cases, it is now mandatory that a fire alarm system is installed and inspected by a licensed fire protection contractor prior to the issuing of a building's certificate of occupancy. Also, many insurance companies require that businesses have a fire protection system in place.

Through training and mandatory state courses, our licensed technicians are familiar with state fire regulations.  Fire codes are modified often and it is our job to stay on top of these changes. This enables us to design a fire alarm system that is reliable and compliant with current codes. Twin Security Inc. also provides certified fire inspections so that your facility is up to date with state regulations. 

Access Control Systems

Today, Access Control Systems can range from a simple "key" card used by employees to unlock a door independently to a web-based system which controls the entire building for access.  We can implement an access control system for your business that provides you with the control and information you require.

Whether it is internal employee tracking, gate control, or parking managment, we can design and install an effective system that meets your needs.

Our engineers will assist you in the selection of your system, prepare shop drawings, and provide you the hard data you need to rest assured that you will control the access to your facility. 

Camera Systems

CCTV is now considered crucial to crime prevention. The application of CCTV systems can range from property surveillance to covert systems to detect employee theft.

Twin Security Inc. offers a wide variety of CCTV solutions. Our digital systems enable non-stop recording on hard drives, higher image quality and 24-hour monitoring when linked to a VGC (Virtual Guard Center).

All of our digital video systems offer remote viewing from anywhere that a high speed internet connection can be obtained. 

Vehicle Access Control

Your security begins when you enter the grounds. Let us keep unwanted guests off your property with one of our commercial automated gate entry systems.
We can provide and install an automated gate entry system utilizing access control technologies and CCTV interfaces. The incorporation of an intercom will allow you to utilize our VGC (Virtual Guard Center) technology to permit access into your facility 24-hours a day.

We have on-staff service technicians who are always on stand-by in case your gate system needs service.  In most cases, we can have your gate system back up and operating in just hours.

We also offer annual maintenance to keep your gate system functioning flawlessly. 

Intercom Systems

There are many options that Twin Security Inc. offers when it comes to intercoms. An apartment building intercom system can be direct wire or can utilize a telephone interface. Both systems can prevent theft within your buiding, giving only authorized visitors access to the building. Most systems can even provide a report of who allowed entry to the building and at what time.

Typical business intercom systems allow communication between multiple points such as entry foyers or work stations. When integrated with an audio source some systems can provide background music for a calming business environment. 

Bank Equipment

Twin Security Inc. ensures that your facility's bank equipment looks professional and is dependable, therefore avoiding the financial burden of purchasing new equipment.

We install and service high-quality, reliable drive-up systems. Long lines at the drive-up can lead to dissatisfied customers. Twin Security Inc. will make certain that your branch systems operate continuously with efficiency. We provide semi-annual equipment maintenence inspections to achieve this goal. After a brief branch survey, our service engineers will evaluate your equipment and provide you with a clear picture of the services that may be required.

If it's a new branch you are building, let us help you select the right equipment at the right price. We work with several bank equipment manufacturers. This  gives you more options when it comes to purchacing reliable equipment at an affordable price.

Safe & Vault Installation

Our TL-15 and TL-30 Plate Safes are U.L. listed to guarantee  a superior security product. These safes are crafted using 1" thick steel plate bodies with 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" thick steel doors. All of our safes are equipped with a group two M or better, three-tumbler combination lock, including a relocker and key locking dial, for dependable dual control. All of our safes are made to order giving you the option of size, locker configuration and color.

In manufacturing our modular vault panels, we aim to satisfy the needs of our customers. The ultra-high strength concrete core along with the formed steel pan provides high security construction and installation.  The result is a very rugged vault panel that can meet very close dimensional tolerances.  The panels can be manufactured quickly, shipped conveniently, and installed easily. 

Network & Data Infrastructure


The proper application  of data cabling and wiring (also referred to as network cabling &  wiring) is imperative for successful business, government and academic network  infrastructure installations.

Businesses  of all types have far fewer stand alone computers and the data cabling system  is the network wiring necessary to interconnect them. However, different  businesses have different data cabling needs.


NY State License

License # 12000320902

Twin Security Inc. has completed the requirements to install and service Burglar, Fire Alarm, and CCTV Systems in the State of New York.

NJ State License

License # 34BF00016400

Twin Security Inc. has completed the requirements to install and service Burglar, Fire Alarm, and CCTV Systems in the State of New Jersey.

NJ State Communication License

License # 34CT00174000

Twin Security Inc. has met the requirements in the State of New Jersey to Install, Service and Maintain communication and network ifrastructures as per the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs 


At Twin Security Inc. our technical experts have attended training seminars to qualify as a  Kantech Entra-Pass Corporate Certified Installation Company.  


Twin Security Inc. is a proud member of the Metropolitan Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.


Twin Security Inc. is proud to be a member of the National Fire Protection Association. We are prepared to service and inspect all types of fire alarm systems. 

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